Preserve Oral Histories

"My only fear is for my people's story never to be told."

Emmett Lewis IV
Descendant of Kazoola (Cudjoe) & Abile Celia Lewis

Oral histories are spoken recollections about the people, places, moments, cultures, & perspectives
that shape our lives.

From the ancient African griots to modern-day family stories,
oral storytelling plays a key role in preserving history.

In fact, DESCENDANT wouldn’t be possible without the Clotilda
survivors passing down their stories to their descendants over the generations.

It’s now our turn to preserve our stories so that future generations learn from us.

Preserve your family story WITH REMEMORY

Say bye to lost recordings & the I-wish-I-wouldas! Rememory helps you preserve family stories today - for generations to come.

Capture & store family
stories in one place.

Spark meaningful moments with conversation starters.

Share securely or
keep it private.

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